June 2014 - Boston, MA

Welcome to Jeep Wave Fan Store! We are thrilled to launch our site and brand this month to celebrate Jeep owners around the globe!

Jeep owners are a part of a special community of people who love the adventure, discomfort, and outdoor fun of the ultimate vehicle. Whether you are off-roading on a beach on Nantucket, roaring through the mountains of Colorado, or enjoying the sea air along the Pacific Coast Highway – Life is great in a Jeep.  

The Jeep Wave has become synonymous with the "secret handshake" of Jeep owners. At Jeep Wave Fan Store we let you share the love with our bumper stickers and t-shirts.

Our company idea was initiated by our 3 kids who, through the years, have watched us share the love with a “Jeep Wave” to passing drivers. Our kids designed the logo, t-shirts and manage the Social Media effort. An idea became a reality and we are happy to launch Jeep Wave Fan’s first products!

We hope you too can share your love of your Jeep and post a photo on Facebook or Instagram or Twitter tell others about Jeep Wave Fan page!

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